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Canberra to Sydney

Pebble Beach in New South Wales, Australia Photo, Australia, South Pacific

For our return trip to Sydney we decided to take the tourist route via Kings Highway to Batesman Bay and the Princess Highway via Wollongong to Sydney. This is a 7 hour drive, not including stops. If you decide to take this route, you have to leave early or split it up into a two-day trip. We decided to leave early since we only had one day to see and enjoy Sydney. The tourist route will lead you through several National Parks, but the best stop is probably Pebble Beach. A great place to swim or just enjoy the flora and fauna. One of the locals gave us a tip that Pebble Beach is a good place to spot kangaroos. When we got there we didn’t see any kangaroo at all. I was a little disappointed but since I was there anyway I took some pictures of the beach and some beautiful white flowers (no idea what kind of flowers). On my way back to the car I met an old guy who was sitting on top of the stairs. We entered into a conversation and after a while he found at that I was there to see the kangaroos. Lucky for me he knew where to find the national symbol of Australia. They were hiding just around the corner in the shadow of the trees. I really felt lucky and I shot as many photo’s possible. The kangaroos on Pebble Beach differ from the ones I saw in Canberra. They are smaller and not that shy. Sometimes I had the feeling that they were posing for me. One of the kangaroos came so close that I could actually touch him (it was definitely a male kangaroo!). It looks like they are used to humans, which of course is a bad thing.

Our visit at Pebble Beach took a little longer than expected. It was almost 3 pm when we left the beach. Not enough time to take some of the tourist routes you will find along Princess Highway. We stopped for diner in Wollongong. We found ourselves a nice tapas bar (Diggies Bar) at the beach. Unfortunately the sun was already gone when we arrived, but we could still see the beach and hear the relaxing sound of the ocean waves. I can imagine that is a great place to have dinner at the end of a warm and sunny day. We ordered a selection of tapas, which were all very tasty, and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to really enjoy this place because Sydney was still another hour away. It was almost 11 pm when we arrived at our hotel (for more details see review Sofitel Sydney Wentworth). We were really tired, but we didn’t want to go to bed. We only had a day and a half to see as much as possible from Sydney.

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