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A Las Vegas Love Letter

MGM Grand Casnio Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Las Vegas,
I have watch you in many television shows and movies. Every time I saw you, you called me to visit and enjoy what you have to offer. Every time I heard about you from family and friends, I craved to visit you even more. When I finally got to visit you with my wife, my eyes were open to a world I have never seen before.

Las Vegas At Night- The best time to come to Las Vegas is at night. A person can see that on television or movies; however, these viewings do not do Las Vegas justice. One has to come visit to experience the atmosphere that is Las Vegas. To me, Las Vegas is a "magical jungle" consisting of heavenly, neon lights and sublime, giant buildings that will make you feel like an ant. The energy was shocking and lively- It made me wonder how anyone could get any sleep at night? There was a piece of everything for everyone: If you wanted to experience Paris, Las Vegas had it, if you wanted to experience New York, Las Vegas had it, if you even wanted to eat a well-built, neon flashing Hooters, Las Vegas had it. It is no wonder that Las Vegas is considered Disney World for adults.

Tip: When driving to the Vegas strip, know where you are going to park. Driving in Vegas can get pretty frustrating, so if you have never been to Vegas, get a map of Vegas and plot all the parking lots.

Zumanity de Cirque du Soleil- There are many Cirque du Soeil shows, but I decided to see this show. Just the name Zumanity is such a powerful title for a show that I had to go watch.

Tip: Zumanity is a Cirque du Soleil show that children should not see and is highly recommended for adults only. C'est vrai.

With a delicious alcohol drink in my hand watching the show, I was amazed about how great the show was. The power to captivate me was stunning. The show is highly sexual, boarding between a Broadway and a strip club show. Even though Zumanity is sexual, the show's stunts and dancing is what took over for my enjoyment of the show. The beautiful display of mixture of dancing and stunts is what made me feel the energy of the show. I would have pictures to show, but sadly, was not allowed to take pictures during the performance.

Las Vegas Daytime- Las Vegas at night versus at day is different like, well... night and day. After all the partying, gambling, and nighttime activities, Vegas is a zombie town during the daytime. After checking out of my hotel, my wife and I decided to get breakfast. Fortunate for us, we found a Dunkin Donut, which we HIGHLY love. We got our meal and left to go home.

Even though I visited you for just one day, I loved every second I visited you. Las Vegas, you made me a virgin no more. I plan to return to you another day.

With Love,
A Las Vegas Lover

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