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Urumqi & Turpan

Urumqi  Photo, Urumqi, China

Three years ago, I spent a week with my two aunts and some great people we met on train in Xinjiang province. To be honest, I didnt know much about this area and I didnt expect that I could see or encounter something that would impress me, cuz its just all about desert, quite boring. But this became one of my best memories I had in my life. Just like the first time after my graduation from highschool, this time, everything was beyond my imagination that I would never forget.

After our one night preparation, we got the show on the road since next early morning. First, we came to the Heavenly Lake. It is a very beautiful mountain lake formed more than million years ago in the 4th glacial epoch as I read the introduction. Looking from the mountain top, the water is so pure and icy sparkling in the sun, like a huge diamond. As our tour guide pointing to the east of the lake, was the Bogda Peak-the highest peak in Tian Shan, capped by glacier and snow, finely contrasted with blue lake water forming fabulous scenery. Then after lunch, we moved to the Grand Bazaar-the largest Moslem-styled bazaar in the world. Well, not much interest in it. Hehe..

Today’s big show was at the Nanshan Pasture. Umm…It is huge green grassland located in the southern suburbs of downtown Urumqi City. As our tour guide told us, it is a branch of Tian Shan Mountain chains. You may already know such picture-sheep, train of horses and cows, herdsman with their dogs under the blue sky and white cloud. Yes, that’s what we’ve seen there.

After two and half hour drive, we arrived in Turpan which is another big city in Xinjiang province, with its own unique characteristics. We just hung out here for a while, and then continued out trip to Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. It is on the northern side of the Flaming Mountain and it is the largest Buddhist grotto complexes in Xinjiang province. The only problem was there were too many damages to this site. Cuz of vandals, thieves, Muslims stealing and War, most part of frescos were removed. Next, we went to visit the Gaochang Ancient City, also named "The King City". Something interesting was when we ascended to a certain height and look at this city; we saw that it’s just like a square with irregular shapes. And of course, we didn’t miss the Astana Tombs. Unlike the Terracotta Warriors and Horses in Xi’an, this tomb was served as graveyard of the citizens of Gaochang City from the Western Jin Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty which is famous for its terracotta figures and tomb paintings.

Hardly accept that today was the last day of this trip. Everything I saw here attracted me so much that I definitely remembered every single detail of everything, every people I talked to and every gorgeous place we went. After breakfast, we went to see the Sugong Pagoda-Muslim Tower made of brick blocks. Its cylindrical body contains carvings of 15 kinds of patterns of Uygur traditional design, so pretty, so as the Grape Valley. Great time was always too short for each of us. I miss all these~

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