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Overview of Germany Trip - Spring 2009

First day in Munich Photo, Munich, Germany

Springtime in Munich, and indeed, most of Germany, can be character building when it comes to weather. It is frequently cold, rainy with stinging sleet, and overcast much of the time. Yuk!

Munich - Spring 2009

I arrived at Munich's Franz-Joseph Strauss Flughafen on March 23rd. I took the S-8 suburban train to Munich's huge Hauptbahnhof, caught the #58 bus to Mozartstr. ("strasse or straße" is "street," "pl" is platz" or "place") and walked the 100 or so feet to my favorite hostel in Munich, The Easy Palace Hostel. I checked in, went to my room, and found a bottom bunk (thank God). After a quick shower, I organized my gear, grabbed my day pack and camera (just in case), and headed to the nearby Aldi for some groceries. I also stopped at a bakery for some rolls, returned to the EP, and had lunch. At about 1:00 PM in the snow, sleet, and cold, I started out on the 20 minute walk to the Old City of Munich. From there it was just a short walk to the Residenz and the Cuvillies Theater, which has reopened after being closed for renovation. After spending an hour or so at this absolutely stunning theater, I walked back through the 25 F degree snowy weather to Marienplatz where I said, "the Hell with it," and returned by the U-Bahn to Goetheplatz and the EP. Enough for the first day. As it turned out, it was enough for almost 5 days!

Because of the weather, my days in Munich were spent in museums and cathedrals as well as sitting around reading a thriller novel for prolonged periods. Fortunately, my knowledge of Munich is pretty good and I have seen most of what piques my interest. I also was able to spend the last afternoon of this trip at Nyphenburg Palace and this time the weather was glorious.

Post Munich

In any case, I left Munich on March 28th which was a lovely spring day (figures, doesn't it?), and headed for Nürnberg, which is still my favorite German city and I know it well. I was prepared for regular Bavarian spring weather (read Munich) and was delighted with cool but sunny weather for the rest of my Germany visit.

This visit was actually revisiting places in Bavaria that I have come to favor over the years. Since I was expecting inclement weather, these cities and towns have lots to hold my interest in spite of weather problems. As it turned out, I had very good weather and was able to do more than I expected. I will do review(s) of all the places I visited, but here is a brief synopsis of each city.


Bamberg is a delightful city with a long and storied history.

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