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Take the Subway........

The best and cheapest way to get around the city, is by subway. The old wives tales of muggings and murders in the subway are long gone. NYC is actually very friendly and safe.

They don’t use tokens anymore, they have changed to cards that you can purchase in any station. You can get a daily, a weekly or a monthly pass, either from an attendant or from the machine.
It’s very easy to get the metro card and easy to figure out the subway lines.

Don’t bother with expensive taxi cabs. You can get there faster on the train, cuz there’s no traffic.
Some of the older subway cars are still in rotation but the newer ones have nice, digital maps of the stations visited on that particular route….which helps out tremendously.
We asked passersby if we were getting on the right train, and they were always willing to help.

You might get lucky in some stations with musicians or performers of some kind. Those are always a treat.

As with any city in the world, just be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep your belongings close to you and you’ll be fine.

The only time we took a cab was when we switched hotels because we had quite a bit of luggage and most stations don’t have elevators.

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