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Mother's Day Weekend in Williamsburg

Powhatan Plantation Resort Photo, Williamsburg, Virginia

This was a very short trip to Virginia, to spend the weekend with my two sisters . . . one who still lives in the DC Metro Area in NoVA and the other who has since moved out west to the high desert of California. My youngest sister had also been down to Myrtle Beach for about ten days before heading north to Williamsburg, so she brought along her daughter-in-law and her 15 month old grandbaby.

I flew into Richmond which is generally the most convenient airport, although many use the Norfolk/Newport News Airport probably because the airlines call it the WILLIAMSBURG/Newport News Airport. If you are planning a trip to Williamsburg, I would personally suggest looking into Richmond as it is very convenient and for me, it's been less expensive too.

Now for the logistics of traveling or staying with a toddler. Noah is a wonderfully happy little boy. I have never heard a child giggle as much as he does, although, if momma left his sight for more than about a minute, he became fussy. Even with MeMa who he knows, I think having other big people around who are strangers, was a bit overwhelming for him.

That said, he enjoyed playing with his toy cars and a big stuffed puppy that sang songs to him. He was also fascinated with his mom's I-Phone and her MP3 player. He enjoyed wiggling and bobbing to the music, and was generally easily entertained. The biggest thing was watching your step to avoid stepping on a toy . . . or letting out a swear word if you did step on something.

For us, eating breakfast in each morning was best, given we were all on different wake-up schedules. My sister and niece did a nice job stocking the fridge so we all had enough to get our day started.

At the resort, we had a nice area to walk each evening, including the sand filled play ground area. Noah really enjoyed swinging and did do the slide, on his belly, feet first. As nightfall approached, so did the night critters. Mosquitoes were hungry and seemed to enjoy munching on us at dusk. They also have "no-see-um" bugs that will bite you and yet you see nothing in the air. Word to the wise, spray the OFF before going out at night!

Williamsburg in May is a very busy time, even though from a tourism point of view, it is considered a "shoulder season." May brings not only Mother's Day, but also the LPGA tour to Kingsmill and graduation at William & Mary. Add to that prom night, and you can see why the city seems to bust at the seams. Be sure to keep all of this in mind as you go out to enjoy the restored area or a nice restaurant for lunch or dinner.

For me, May is the perfect time to be in Williamsburg however. While on this trip it was particularly warm (high 80's on Friday and Saturday) May is typically pretty moderate without a lot of humidity. Trust me on this, if you do not like the heat and/or humidity, plan your visit before June 1st or after October 1st. Summer is hot and filled with tourists. No thank you!

EXCEPTION . . . Fourth of July/Independence Day is magical in Williamsburg. If you luck out and happen to be there when it is unseasonably cool, you will be treated so wonderful reenactments in Colonial Williamsburg . . . and a great fireworks display after dark.

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