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Our First Try at Snorkeling

Our third day in Maui was our beach day. Determined to visit Makena beach, which from photos, appeared to be the prettiest beach in South Maui. However, Nathan and I both wanted to try snorkeling. After chatting with a local dive operator yesterday, we were told that Ulua Beach right near our hotel would be a good spot to start. So, after a hearty breakfast of Banana Macadamia Nut Pancakes and an omelet at Kihei Caffe, we rented some snorkel gear for the day. From the hotel, we walked north to Ulua Beach which is just a small sandy strip lined by a few really upscale Wailea condominiums. The reef was on the north face of the beach. It took us a short while to figure out how to breathe with the gear (freaky knowing that you can breathe underwater), but once we mastered it, the water was calm and clear. We saw tons of small, colorful fish flittering around the beautiful coral reef. We probably snorkeled for a about an hour until the surf began to pick up slightly and a large group of snorkelers showed up. They began to kick up so much sand, visibility disappeared quickly so we waded back onto shore and decided to head to Makena to bake in the sun. It was our only time to snorkel on the island b/c of the rough winter surf, but we both decided it was enjoyable enough that we would pursue a snorkel trip next time we had the opportunity.

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