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Flying Kiwi Adventure Tour

Flying Kiwi Group Shot  Photo, New Zealand, South Pacific

I have just come back from the most amazing three month trip around USA, NZ, Aus, Thailand and Malaysia. I am writing about all of the highlights and best things we did whilst we were travelling - one of which was definitely the Flying Kiwi Adventure Tour. Since we were going all the way to NZ we really wanted to see as much as possible of the North and South Island and experience as much as we possibly could too! We actually did more in three and a half weeks in NZ than we had done in a lifetime!! This was mainly a result of the wide ranging and well organised adventure activities on the Flying Kiwi Adventure Tour, the contagious nature of the crazy outdoor adventure environment and meeting so many new friends with the same outlook as us!! Flying Kiwi is basically a Bus Tour which travels right around the North and South Island stopping at various points throughout the trip for activities and camping. When you first get on the bus you are assigned into a cook group and then groups are rotated for cooking and washing up which is perfect as you get nights off when you dont have to think about cooking or washing up at all! We were on the bus for 21 days altogether and in that time we travelled around the Bay of Islands, then right down the east coast of the north island, the east coast of the south island and round to Queenstown. Within that time we went skydiving; bungee jumping; cantered a horse through Lord of the Rings country; walked the Tongariro Crossing; went white water rafting; paddled a Waka, learnt the Haka and ate Hungi with a Maori Family on a Maori Culture Evening; went on 5 bike rides; bathed in Hot Springs; went Sea Kayaking around Cathedral Cove (where Prince Caspian is filmed); toured around Milford Sound; went Whale watching; dolphin swimming; Mount Cook; visited giant trees, mud pools, explosive geysers and shared good food and drinks around many beach fires with good new friends that will last a lifetime.
A list of activities comes round the group pretty much everyday on the bus and you can sign up for anything you fancy, the lists cater to everybody on the bus including those who may not want to throw themselves out of a plane etc. Plus if there is anything which you want to do which isnt on the list the tour guides do their best to organise your activity. The tour guides aren't on commission for the activities and so are definitely not pushy at all and sometimes they join in with the activities which is really good fun. Our tour guide Betty joined in on white water rafting; sky diving and the Hot Pools and became more of a friend rather than a Tour Guide. It is ace that she had tried some of the activities as she could give an honest opinion of what they would be like. A lot of people are put off bus tours as they think they will be packed 18 - 21 years olds who are rowdy and constantly getting drunk!! Not Flying Kiwi - I was pleasantly surprised; the bus had a relaxing but happy feel with a good age range from 16 year old students on exchange programmes up 60+ retired couples looking to travel around NZ. The age range was definitely a plus and everybody was up for a good time without taking things too far.
If you want to do a tour around the North and South Island with a relaxing and happy vibe; good food; amazing Tour Guides and a take it or leave it attitude towards adventure activities - Flying Kiwi is the one for you!

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