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Shuon-an (Ikkyu-ji Temple)

Shuon-an (Ikkyu-ji Temple) Photo, Kyoto, Japan

I took JR from Sumiyoshi station to Kyotanabe St. (Tosai Line) then walked to the temple. It was almost 15 minute walk. You can also take Keihan Kotsu Bus from Kyotanabe to the Ikkyuji-do stop. It takes only 5 min. though. If you use Kintetsu Kyoto Line, you should get off at Shintanabe St.. It takes about 20 min. from the station to the temple on foot.

Ikkyu (1394-1481) is one of Japan’s most famous Zen priests known as his"quick-witted" character. His mischievous adventures as a child are introduced in the TV animation "Ikkyu-san", which is very poplar not only in Japan but some other Asian countries.
Though this temple was built by different priest between 1288 and 1292, and then repeatedly destroyed by war. Ikkyu restored the temple in 1456 and named it Shuon-an Temple. But it became generally known as Ikkyu-ji temple.

Beyond the main gate is the stone-paved approach to the temple. The temple has a number of exquisite Zen gardens made in early Edo period (1806-1867) in the precincts. North garden is the beautiful dry garden South garden with well trimmed azalea bushes and white sand

The temple also sells original natto (fermented soy beans). I don’t think foreigners like it. But they say it can be preserved for 10 years at room temperature without spoiling! Why don’t you buy and test it?

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