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Getting Tickets

On the streets of Indy Photo, Indianapolis, Indiana

Getting tickets to the Big Ten Tourney was an experience in itself to observe.
My husband and I opted to go with a reputable online site to get our tickets -- they guarantee that the tickets are valid, but you have to pick them up at a hotel.
Once we got downtown, however, part of me wondered if we made the right choice paying the extra premium. There were tons of people offering to sell or buy tickets as we walked down the street. Since we had our tickets, I did not get what the prices were, but they seemed readily available.
As were made our tour of downtown before the game, we had the opportunity the meet many fans. At least half of them came to Indy with no tickets, and with the anticipation of knowing that they coudl get tickets off of a street vendor.
If your team wins the first games and you're looking to pick up tickets off the street, 2009 would indicate that getting those tickets would be no problem at all.
After our team won on Saturday, we were approached in Conseco Fieldhouse very openly by a man looking to sell tickets. Mind you this was inside the venue. He was looking to sell 2 tickets for $100 each. We turned this down, but I was floored by the openness to scalping inside the arena.
Being the safer ticket buyer I would probably go through the online company that we went through (It almost made me want to ScrubTub) if I wasn't planning to try to get all the tickets next year. But it seems well accepted and safe for people to buy tickets through scalpers.

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