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The Rock Bar in Yerevan!

When I visited Yerevan in December last year, a rock bar had just newly opened. I was keen to check it out as soon as I heard - if there's a place to rock, then surely it's Yerevan! It has to be said be said that as nice as Armenia's cafe culture is, there must have been a desperate need for a rock pub until this one came along. It's really a metal pub, the music is loud, the pub is smokey and posters dedicated to the gods of metal adorn the walls.

Beer is cold and reasonably priced, the music rocks, hot meals and snacks are available and the pub keeps sane hours - opening at 4pm and closing at 4am. Whether it's the cosy hours before people finish work which gives you time to talk to the owner/bar couple about your favourite bands or stay in Yerevan or the crowded and sociable atmosphere that grows later on that you like, there's something for every metal fan.

This place is also a hang out for metal bands visiting the region as the bar owner is extremely active in such circles and a musician himself, this is definitely the place to rock! A wide range of styles of metal from heavy to thrash to black metal to the bar's favourite of pagan or viking metal is played here, it's not everyone's cup of tea but a friendly locale which is definitely a metalhead's dream.

The pub is centrally located on Parpeti 16 and ideal for a lot of visitors as it is right next to Yerevan's best youth hostel.With nice cool beer starting at 600 dram, I could easily live there! Make use of some of the great promotions - they have a $1 shot, a 2500 dram voucher to be used in the pub to be won on quiz nights and a 10% discount on Sundays.

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