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Riding the Jitney

Think of it as Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride with casinos, and instead of Toady, Ratty and Moley, you have intoxicated college kids, the lady who smells like a pack of cigarettes who just played slots for ten hours and the guy listening to his iPod rapping out loud. Although there are lots of sharp turns and the drivers like to pretend they are in Nascar and they don’t always obey traffic signals, it wasn’t half as death defying and thrilling as riding in a taxi through Panama City. Just be certain you have full control of your stomach when you board.


The jitney stops can be located by looking for the special jitney signs at the curbs. They are very easy to spot as they say "jitney" right on them. In the marina area there are stops located outside of each of the three casinos (Harrah’s, Trump Marina and Borgata). At the boardwalk area there are stops located along the stretch of road that runs by the casinos. Some of the stops are located across the street from the casinos, which will require you to cross the busy road and perhaps take a little walk around the block to get to the casino’s entrance. Safety is not an issue during the day, but do be cautious at night as you may encounter some shady characters walking around. Individuals who like to ask for money seem to target the jitney stops knowing people will be there waiting for their bus.

There are four jitney routes. Bus #2 is the one you want to take if you are planning to travel from one casino to another.


The jitney costs $2.25 per trip. The drivers appreciate it when you have exact change, but it isn’t necessary. It really is a good value. A taxi will cost you far more than $2.25. If you plan on driving from one casino to another, the parking fees will bleed your wallet dry.


The buses are what most people would call "short buses." They are aqua blue and stop frequently, so you usually never have to wait too long before another bus appears. That is a good thing, since the buses only hold eleven people and the drivers are pretty strict about not overcrowding the buses. The interiors are worn, with unidentifiable stains and holes in the seats. They have that seedy dirty kind of feel, without being gross (yet). There were definitely some interesting people riding the jitney. Talking on your cell phone seemed to be the cool thing to do, since that is pretty much what everyone was doing unless they were rapping out loud or giggling with drunkenness. The drivers are friendly and will be happy to help you out if you need any casino type guidance.

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