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Ok...I just wanted to give a little advice on the cheapest way I found to get from the Honolulu Airport to the Waikiki Hotel Area for a party of 3 or more. I spent almost two weeks researching and comparing prices of transportation and if you have a party of 2 or less, you can easily get transportation when you arrive. The Honolulu Airport has many transportation options for as low as $9.00pp one direction, you just have to load up on a tour bus and get ready for a tour of the area because you have to stop at a few hotels on the way to yours, but... if you have 3 or more people, A8 Honolulu Airport Taxi Shuttle provides the best rates that I found.It is a flat fee of $30.00 outbound, and if you get roundtrip, it is only $28.00 to return. Thats $58.00 roundtrip and it doesnt matter the number in your party as long as you can all fit in vehicle with seatbelts. They have cars and vans. We rode in both and they were both very clean and their vans can hold up to six passengers. I got their information from the Honolulu Airport website, then looked up their website. The number is 1-808-227-1111. Trust me, most charge $10-12pp each way, then some charge for bags. We were looking at $100+ for a roundtrip ..just to/from the airport!!! Geesh.....Well, I hope this takes some of the homework out of your vacation and save you some $$.

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