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Rescue in High Surf

Sunset Beach Photo, Hawaii, United States

The weather had been wet and windy before our arrival and the waves at Sunset Beach were still rough, attracting surfers. As a beach full of surf-watchers looked on, a man waved for help in answer to the life guard station's bullhorn request for a sign that he was in trouble.One of the life guards ran down the beach and dove into the surf heading for the overcome swimmer. We were amazed at how difficult the swim was for the life guard. It seemed he was swimming in slow motion.

He finally reached the man and, swimming laterally to a calmer area, was able to bring him closer to shore. Another lifeguard joined him in helping bring the man onto the beach. Everyone clapped and cheered for the lifeguard hero. The rescuers shook hands with the rescuee and each went on their way.

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