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My Favorite Starbuck's Closed Down

Seattle's Best Coffee Coming to Borders Photo, Hilo, Hawaii (Big Island)

I was surprised to see that Starbuck's is no longer at the Borders store at Waiakea Center. Every time that I went to Borders I used to order a Tall Vanilla Latte and then I proceeded to browse through the Business section and the Sports section. The last couple times that I went the entire cafe area was covered with a thick plastic because they were renovating the area since Seattle's Best Coffee is moving in! I have tasted Seattle's Best Coffee before and its pretty good. I hope that the new cafe opens soon because Borders is not the same without a cafe. I think that Starbucks was good but they didn't have much of a food menu. They only served sandwiches, pastries, scones, croissants, and salads. Hopefully Seattle's Best Coffee will offer a better food and beverage menu than Starbucks.

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