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Bike Riding and Rentals on Redondo Beach

Our Bikes Photo, Redondo Beach, California

Something we have yet to do when we have vacationed in Southern California is rent a bike and ride down the beach. This year we thought we would take a day and do just that. We found a little shack on Redondo Beach that rented bikes and carriers since we have a little guy we needed the carry cart on the back. To rent a bike for one hour was $9.00 and for a cart another $3.00. So we took off on our bike ride. We rode from Redondo beach, Manhattan Beach to Hermosa Beach before our hour was up.

To our surprise our son loved the cart and loved the bike ride. We enjoyed it as well. In L.A. one of the most common and big things here is exercise and athletic activity. Everywhere you go you see people working out. So this made it a very fun experience, since everything is accommodating for bike riding. We enjoyed being able to see the beach and all the area in between these beached with out being in a car and with out walking. There is so much to see and it is hard to do it all by foot and car. By bike you can see so much more and enjoy being out doors while doing it.

We enjoyed our experience so much that a few days later we went back to the same place with my brother, who lives in L.A., and took him on a bike ride. He had actually not seen this area yet and really enjoyed the calm laid back ride.

The place we rented our bikes from was called Marina Bike Rental's. They also rent skates and boogie boards. The couple that owns the place is very friendly and were very helpful in getting us set up and ready to go with all our bikes and cart. They also sell some drinks, sunblock and snacks. All the things you could possibly need on the ride.

One of the nice things about this area and the bike riding is there is a marked bike path that goes for miles between the three beaches. There are mile markers to show you how far you have ridden and also a specific bike lane for bikes. But make sure you follow the bike rules or else you could get a ticket.

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