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Three Heads, No Stress!

Bohinj was undoubtedly the best part of last summer's trip, set below Triglav (the highest mountain in the Balkans around 3000m, translating to "Three heads".), this is Slovenia at it's best.

Superb hiking opportunities with great sign posting and unbelievably crystal clear water, this place makes Bled (which is also nice) look like the Costa del Sol. A must is a visit to the Savica Waterfall, absolutely gorgeous.

Fairly popular with weekenders from Ljubljana and a couple of campers from Netherlands, France, Germany and UK, we stayed at the campsite by the lakeside. Relatively cheap at 9 euros a head (if you are in a tent), there is an onsite cafe, relatively clean showers, toilets which are always busy and a stone beach where you can relax. During the day, the camping side of the lake is pretty busy and it's well worth going to the other side. In the evening however, it's quiet enough to enjoy an evening by the campfire with a bottle of wine (which must be bought from the village 6km away in Ribcev Laz.

There is a nearby pizzeria in Bohinj which serves great food (absolutely enormous portions) at awesome prices and a strong coffee in the morning. I really loved the place and went there every day for 7 days! The lake is pretty damn fresh even in the winter and thus I double recommend the aforementioned wine!

For the lazy or the people who want to relax, just chill out by the lake and admire the looming mountains, stroll around the lake and maybe up to Savica if you feel the carbs from all that pizza! On the other hand the active traveller will have plenty of options like kayaking, canyoning, paragliding, climbing Vogel and cycling the Bohinj valley. We had 7 days of great sunshine and I think a few storms during the late afternoon or evening.

Bohinj can be reached by bus from Ljubljana, we were there with a dog (the Slovenian buses don't take dogs) and therefore took the train to Bohinjska Bistrica from Ljubljana and then hitched the last 18km with about the 4th car that passed us. Returning, we hitchhiked to Skofja Loka and then took the train to Postojna. Trains are cheap and in tip top condition. If you are with your own car, roads are in great condition.

Heather Mills owns a house there and she'll be able to buy another one now!

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