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A Lazy Beach Day on St. George

St. George Photo, Saint George, Bermuda

Finally! We were freed from our floating prison (ie. cruise ship) after two days sailing through treacherous waters from Boston to St. George, Bermuda. I didn’t really care what I did once I got off the boat, I just wanted off the boat! My husband and I packed our towels, swimsuits, sunscreen, and backpacks and headed on our way as soon as the gangplank was down.
Having heard from our cruise director that there was a popular beach on the other side of the island (only a mile walk from the cruise ship terminal), we picked up a map from the tourist center and hoofed the most direct route to Tobacco Bay. This route ended up being a road that went straight across the island, but it also ended up leading us up and over a fairly large hill.
Good thing there was a snow cone stand at the top of the hill as I was so dehydrated in the humid climate after walking up the incline. Snow cone stands ended up being fairly common throughout Bermuda which was good as I craved at least one-per-day during our stay there. The cones are made with a multitude of flavored syrups (I counted 25 different flavors at one stand we stopped at) and cost about $2, making them one of the cheaper finds on this expensive island.
After our brief snow cone stop, my husband and I continued across the island. Countless mopeds and golf carts passed us en route as there were several large golf courses that the road traversed. The old Club Med, now a dilapidated version of its old glory, stands empty on the top of the hill overlooking the beaches and golf courses. Aside from one or two restaurants, this part of Bermuda is otherwise free from commercial buildings.
Once we reached Tobacco Bay, we were unpleasantly surprised to see it jam-packed with people and screaming children. If there was any pink sand here, you couldn’t see it since it was so crowded. The water here also seemed more like a pool than an ocean; several rock formations kept the waves from rolling up to the shore and also made the water look dirtier than it did further off-shore. It looked like there was another beach on the other side of Ft. St. Catherine, so I suggested to my husband that we investigate that one since Tobacco Bay was not our scene.
The other beach was once the private beach of Club Med, but is now open to the public. It is far more spacious and peaceful than was Tobacco Bay. Also the water here was much clearer- we could see the brightly colored tropical fish swimming by as we waded in the water.
The beach stand at the Club Med beach offered casual food and drinks (hotdogs, PB&J, beer, soda) which kept us content throughout our beach-day. Yes, $10 is a bit much to pay for a peanut butter sandwich, but my husband and I didn’t find anything else on Bermuda as delicious for less money.
After an enjoyable sunny day, we made our way begrudgingly back to the cruise ship. If only our whole trip was as nice as our lazy, casual day on St. George!

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