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Ruins of Pompeii Photo, Pompeii, Italy

POMPEII MADE UP FOR it. Wow. That place is awesome. I know I could spend an entire day in there easy. I took about 70 pictures of it. We visited a whorehouse with frescoes of naughty things in it with stone beds. Also, they knew it was a whore district because of a penis etched in the sidewalk pointing that way. We also saw the bars with the big amphoras for beer and grain. Then we saw a big house with the impluvium for gathering water attached to the well, and the two gardens, and the atrium and the mosaic tiled floor for the four dining areas. Wow. It was so cool. Every house had frescoes everywhere and mosaic floors. The bedrooms were exceptionally tiny though. The roads were cut out about two feet below the sidewalks. There were parallel cuts along the road I don’t know if that was where the chariots were or what? Then we saw the big open square with the temples and the Ionic and Doric columns everywhere and the statues. And we got to see a Roman bath!!! The caldarium and the frigidarium and the dressing rooms and the palestra and the hottub and all that cool stuff. We only encountered two bodies. There were all balled up and you could see everything right down to their teeth. Freaky. OH man it was awesome. I really want to go to the museum of Naples now so I can see the bodies and the preserved artwork and stuff that they found there.

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