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Excursion to Assisi and Gubbio

San Francesco Cathedral Photo, Italy, Europe

This morning we went to Gubbio and then to Assisi. Gubbio was really nice and quaint and medieval. It was also very clean. We took a chairlift up to the top of this insanely tall mountain. It was a little on the scary side especially trying to get on and off of it. There was a pond right at the bottom that had a little sculpture of Italy in it. There was this huge turtle that was invading Trieste. HAHA.

Julie and I stumbled upon an antique market. We both bought some awesome earrings. I also got a little set of pink coffee cups. Very cute.
Assisi was a lot like Gubbio but with more annoying American tourists. I just misspelled tourist because I tried to put "turisti." I’m so Italian. Julie and I ate lunch at this place called Subascio or something. The spaghetti was molto bello.

Then we attempted to see the Cathedral of St. Francis, but they wouldn’t let Julie in because of her shorts. She about had a fit. I died laughing because she proceeded to buy a sheer scarf and wrap it around her legs in order that she could go inside. We made for some very irreverent tourists after that whole incident.

We shopped around some more and fed our diet coke addictions. I got an awesome pommegranite, blackberry, and strawberry gelato.

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