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Visiting Santa Casa and Seeing an Opera

Saint Francis Photo, Italy, Europe

We went in this cathedral called the Basilica di Santa Casa. Legend has it that the little white building inside the church was transported to the town by angels. I was really creeped out by all the nurses and old sick invalids everywhere. I felt the need to cross myself and buy a rosary there.

The house itself wasn’t that impressive. It was really weird. Anyway, on the way back to the bus, Julie and I stumbled upon the room of Mother Teresa. Julie leans against the glass to see inside and exclaims, "Oh my god, she’s in there!" I almost wet my pants. However, she was just referring to a statue. Then I made her photo with a statue of St. Francis.

We sat in a balcony with three Italian ladies to watch the opera. The opening scene with the chorus had some very racy choreography. The set was pretty cool because the back drop was a huge mirror that they raised to start the play. It reflected scenes placed on the floor. Which turned out kinda weird because the actors also were reflected so it looked like they were sitting on top of the props.

It was good, but very long. There were four intermissions. The orchestra was remarkable though. The singers also were everything I expected. I wish I had known what was going on though. Today in literature class, Dr. Moffa put some of the lyrics up on the blackboard for us to read. I wish I had known more of the words, they were beautiful.

I wrote some very sarcastic comments about the death scene in my daily journal for Italian. The pinnacle of my Italian education was being able to say "If she were dying from consumption, she would not have been able to sing well." It’s a hard construction and I was very proud of myself.

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