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Excursion to Venice

Duomo Photo, Italy, Europe

The Scrovegnia chapel was awesome. I wish I could’ve stayed longer to hear a lecture or something on the paintings. I really loved the stars on the ceiling and the paneling of the paintings on the walls. Downtown Padova was just hot and had a lot of shops. That’s about all from that town.

We got to Venezia around five o clock. The ferry ride was really nice after being out in the sun in Padova with no breezes and then being crammed on the bus all sweaty and stuff. I still have sea legs from all the boat riding we did in Venezia.

Our hotel was on the beach island Lido. The beach was really nice when we visited on Sunday. The sand is very fine there. Also, this one hotel had small cabanas and beds laid out for their guests on the beach. It was ridiculous how nice it was. There were also a lot of cool little shops around. I bought a coral necklace and a little purse thing for my change so I don’t have to use my plastic bag anymore.

Friday night once we were settled in the hotel, the Carolina kids and Fausto all went to Campanilla, a big bell tower, to see the city from above. It was so awesome. The breeze was wonderful, the bells almost deafened me for life, and Venezia was just a beautiful city to see.

I took about a hundred pictures of St. Mark’s Square. I felt like I was in the scene from "The Italian Job." The pigeons there are something else though. I thought one would definitely kill me.

I had tiramisu, cod, and wine for dinner. MMMMmmmmmm. Then we walked down to see L’Accademia bridge.

Mary and I went back to our hotel room. Our bathroom was exceptionally tiny. The beds were nice but also very close together. It was Hotel Helvetia. We got up really early on Saturday to see St. Mark’s Cathedral (even though I couldn’t go in because I was too sexy). Then we went to L’Accademia to see Titian and Bellini and etc. It was pretty cool. We also saw some people dressed up like Carnival around on the street. We went by Gucci, Armani, Versace, Fendi, Prada, and Fermigami. OOOH!

We spent the afternoon shopping and visiting the Rialto bridge. We had to sprint in order to catch the vaporetta back to Lido so we could dress for dinner. We ate on a floating dock after we had our pictures made on the L’Accademia bridge. After dinner (when I ate my first ever sardine), we went for a gondola ride. Talk about mucho romantico!!! Or something. It was so quiet and nice. YAY!

Then on Sunday, we headed back and stopped in Ravenna. We saw mosaics at this chapel whose name I have forgotten now. They were really awesome though.

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