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Sunday Church and Pesaro's Beach

The duomo Photo, Italy, Europe

My alarm woke me up at six thirty and the sun was already high in the sky here. So I got ready for church, carefully selecting what clothes would cover the most of my body. Then I completed the outfit with some nice high heels PERFECT for scaling a hill paved with smooth cobblestones.

Then I packed some things for the beach and we all got a cup of coffee from Rosella. And then began the HIKE. I really enjoyed the church. It was so beautiful and I liked the way the beautiful Italian words echoed everywhere, I got chills. I understood a lot of the liturgy since it’s basically the same as back home. I picked up on a few things from the sermon, but my attention drifted quite a few times.

Church got out earlier than we expected, so we sat out at "La Caffetteria" and I got yet another cup of coffee while we discussed plans for traveling on our free weekends. We discussed Austria, and I drew this horrible map of Italy and its’ surroundings on this small café napkin. SI SI SI!!!

POI we went to Pesaro by bus in order to visit the beach. We got off at the wrong bus stop in Pesaro. Fortunately, we asked a man where it was and it was half a mile straight down the street (he was Italian but spoke English very well). The pizzeria we ate lunch at was really good, I ate way too much. A guy named Francesco who was neither Italian nor knew much Italian but spoke English very well took a picture of us at the place with the beautiful teal/turquoise sea in the background.

The beach was an interesting experience. The whole thing as far as we could see in both directions was covered with umbrellas and chairs. When we took our stuff out to a clearing, a lady came up saying "no no no no no no no, non e possibile" so we had to leave. We noticed a partition with about three feet of beach between the umbrellas and the pier with the restaurant on it. So we set up camp there and watched these old ladies change out of their bras into their bathing suits right out on the beach.

A lot of men stared at us. But I returned the favor because Italians apparently are big fans of the speedo and I was engrossed in staring at THAT. It was weird and Janie and I agreed that we couldn’t handle that.

Kathryn started talking to two Italian guys out in the ocean with Katherine and Lindsey. She brought them back out onto the beach to talk to me and Janie and Julie. They were very persistent and didn’t leave even after Kathryn told them to leave. So I suggested we tell them that we had boyfriends. VOILA! They left. After twenty minutes apparently that was all we had to say.

I think perhaps that when an Italian man asks me for a light for a cigarette and I give it to him, he takes it as an invitation to ask me to sleep with him. This will stop promptly!

So we got back from the beach after cramming onto a bus full of Rutgers kids. We told Rosella about the guys. She was thoroughly entertained and offered to call them for us. I don’t know what she meant to say to them.?

So anyway, at dinner I saw the sunset out the window. It was gorgeous. I’ll have to make a point to get a view of it from the top of the building before I leave.

Well, after that Julie and I checked email downtown and then looked at pictures and gossiped. That’s all for today!!! Basta per oggi!!! Ho un raggazzo negli stati uniti!!! Ciao!!!!

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