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The Mercato in Urbino and Hanging in the Piazza

Dorm interior Photo, Italy, Europe

Like Proffessore Pauluzzi says, in Italy, you have to have grace, be gracious, and be cool. Which means let Italy be Italy and don’t get involved or fight it. Or something.

It was quite a rough morning. Mi fa male la tezza. Or really I don’t know for sure what the word for head is. POINT BEING I had quite the headache. I’ll have to look up the word for hangover. I remember last night though saying to the Morrocan kid that Jamie had, "Ha bevuto troppo!" Anywhoo, I was up in time for the market because Julie kindly got my drunk ass up. I didn’t shower. This brings an interesting situation up because now, I cannot take a shower until they turn the hot water back on. It is only on from 7-9 am/pm. So I gotta wait until dinner.

The market was awesome. This morning an awesome Italian girl from next door to my dorm named Rossella made us all Italian coffee. We ran into a man selling "Le moche" the tiny pots you make Italian coffee in so I purchased one and Julie got a cup with a cute little face and nose like the ones Rossella had for us this morning. I also got a linen skirt for 5 euros. I was very surprised. The fresh fruit and fried fish and shrimp were killing me. I was so hungry and they were so wonderful to smell and look at and enjoy. AH!

We got back in time for our meeting with the other students from Southern Connecticut, Central Florida, and Tennessee. Kathryn and I found out that our schedules are in conflict and must switch them around somehow. But, I only have class until 11:30 which makes me one donna felice. Can someone say "la spiaggia al Pesaro?" Afterwards, we sunned a little out on the roof then headed down to lunch. I finally think that I’m adjusted because I absolutely murdered the pasta first course and ate most of my pollo and the insalata and the bread and my watermelon. Then, let me just say, I was a full and happy Italian.

I then proceeded to crash into a mid afternoon post traumatic hangover sleep for three hours. So, now I’m gonna head back into town and check out the internet café!!! I don’t know what’s going on tonight, all I know is no more sangria or pink grapefruit (pompelmo rosa) for me!!!!! Ciao bebe!

Continuing July 5, 2003……

Just getting out of the shower perche ero la porca as Rosella told me it was said in Italian. I went back up to town this afternoon after my beautiful nap and got online at the internet café. That place is going to become too too addictive. Wrote some emails trying to capture even half of what I’ve written here which is only one eighty-fifth of what’s been going on.

When I was trying to write the emails I noticed that European keypads are different. It didn’t look like they had apostrophes at all and there was no @ sign either. That’s no good!!!! How do you address emails I wonder? I suppose I could ask the guy that works there because he was American.

Rosella asked to eat dinner with us. I spoke to her in Italian and she answered me in English. It was funny. She’s awesome: she was saying that the food wasn’t truly Italian, it was bad, so she would cook for us—calabrese!!! Though I really enjoyed dinner and lunch, we ate some bruschetta, insalata, e ginicchia…that sounds like knee, I can’t exactly remember what Rosella told me the word for cherry was…bo! Kathryn spoke to her too. She and Janie, Katherine, Lindsey, and possibly me are going to the church in town called San Francesco and we found out that Rosella is part of the choir there. COOL!!! It’ll be nice to have Rosella around to check up on our grammar when classes start on Monday.

Tomorrow after la chiesa, we are going to the beach. YES! I also need to swing by the Tabaccheria to purchase some francobolli per mi cartoline that I wrote this afternoon.

I wonder whether Kathryn and I will figure out what class to take since they mischeduled ours…hmmmmmm! BUONASERA….Devo cominciare a vestire per stasera.

ALLORA…just getting back from la piazza. I am listening to the album by Giorgia, a famous Italian vocalist. I may copy it to my computer. Rosella is letting me borrow it for the night. She is so nice! She taught me how to make Italian coffee tonight and showed me some pictures of her friends. She offered at dinner to make a traditional Italian meal for us Monday night.

Alla piazza stasera, the cameriere gave me two free glasses of red wine. I approached him to give him some money and he refused to take it and asked me why I wanted to give it to him. He was a cutie. I left the money on the table. Maybe I’ll get something free some other time….Non so ma vederemmo!

Ah! So much fun here! But it’s almost three and I should go to sleep. Bo’! BUONA NOTTE!

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