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July Fourth in Italy

I collegi Photo, Italy, Europe

I got up molto presto stamattina. The Italian girls kinda stare a little at me when I go in the bathrooms. I say buongiorno so I don’t feel like I’m being rude, but they continue to stare. I’m not too sure what that’s about.

I took some nice photos of our surroundings here in the "collegi." The guys across the way have a penchant for bad eighties American music. Things that make you go hmm.

Me and Julie got cappuccinos this morning at the little bar outside of our "tube" leading down to our entryways. It was non caro! It only cost 67 centesimi to get a cappuccino. Which is good because the beer in town is WAY overpriced.

We all went together to the place where our classes will be held in the mornings. Another girl from USC joined us from her trip in France this morning. Her name is Lindsay. I felt immediately comfortable with her which is good because I didn’t want to end up just hanging out with Julie all the time and not make any new friends.

We checked out the shoes, the Duke’s palace, the gelato, the boys. The men stared and made comments about us, but I didn’t exactly know what they were saying. We kept getting honked at on the roads too. Fascinating.

We had lunch downstairs in the dorm at "la mensa." The watermelon was so fresh, red, and juicy. After I finished it, the gigantic piece that it was, I didn’t have room for my squid encrusted pasta with lentils, the chicken, or the salad. We get so much food here, but I think that might just be a lunch deal. Dinner may not be so nice.

After lunch Janie, Kathryn, Lindsay and I went out for a walk down the road leading away from town to a sunflower field. It was such a nice walk! The breeze was just enough to take the edge off the heat. The houses in the valley were gorgeous and burgeoning with flowers and trees. The conversations were nice with my fellow companions. I found out that Janie knows Chris through APO. We took some photos of the sunflowers and the view of Urbino from the valley. The walk back UP the valley was a little torturous. Though I think I may make that walk a daily routine in order to shape up a little. It was definitely hard on the thighs.

So we’re back at the dorms now, just got some water and talked about what the classes might be like here. They don’t start till Monday, so maybe I’ll be better adjusted by then. Can’t wait to hit the beach at Pesaro some nice afternoon like this. THIS is what balmy is, not that sweat infested penetrating heat back in Carolina. Ahhh. I like the way my linen pants are cool. I think I’d rather wear some shorts tomorrow though.

Well, in an hour our companions from Connecticut, Tennessee, and Florida will arrive. I’m gonna nap and freshen up.

Ciao per adesso!

Later the evening of July 4, 2003
Allora, so all of us went out to la piazza dopo we had napped, ate dinner, and walked along the city wall. We walked up so many stairs. I swear, I am going to have the nicest body ever once we get through with this place.

Finally, tonight at three a.m., they are playing real Italian music across the way. I’m not sure why they are still awake. The Italian girl next door named ROSELLA, a beautiful name in my opinion, told me that she was going to try to get some sleep since she’s trying to move out. It was funny, because I would ask her questions in Italian and she would answer me in Italiano. Kathryn said it was just her way of practicing on me and my way of practicing on her.

After we went into town after dinner, we all got some gelato. I got pink grapefruit flavored gelato. It was actually very good, but I don’t think I’ll be ordering it again because the chocolate selections looked even better.

Me, Mary, and Jamie went to a bar after the ice cream. All these Italians kept hitting on us. For me, it’s a good way to practice Italian on natives, but for Jamie and Mary it’s just scary. It’s funny how I have to translate for them.

Well anyway, after the drinks, we’re back here at "I collegi" and tomorrow is a market and an orientation. I want to go to Pesaro to the beach tomorrow, but I don’t know!

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