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Eating Pizza in Urbino

Via Urbino Photo, Italy, Europe

We went into the piazza of Urbino. Julie and I found not only a place to get a pedicure, but a place to buy Italian clothes, get an Italian haircut, and find American cigarettes for a hugely inflated price.

SOOOOO….we had REAL PIZZA at this nice place called Tre Piantes (because there were three mythical unbeknownst trees). I had a piccola birra which we think may have been something German that I can’t think of right now but for some reason the sounds Fraubaus are in my head. That’s not it though. The pizza was so awesome. There was one with zucchini on it, one with mushrooms, and one with tomatoes and garlic. The sauce was so light, yet at the same time oily like you’d expect. The mozzarella was so perfect, and the toppings were perfectly seasoned. BLISS I TELL YOU.

I was feeling pretty good after the beer and the cigarette and the inevitable delerium. The Piazza was so romantic. Yet I’m finding it odd that the entire place is hardscaped. It’s all just road and building. And the buildings are so high that it feels like you’re inside. It was really bizarre. In the center, there are three bars all with tons of outdoor seating. People just sit and drink, TONS OF PEOPLE (in such a small town!) till the wee hours. All the women get so dressed up and made up. It’s intimidating. I can’t wait to break it down at the disco/coffeehouse/library?!

The people around here drive like maniacs and don’t have very safe or continuous sidewalks. This worries me a little.

Funny Italian phrases from today:

Imigranti: non lasciateci soli con gli italiani.

Mi metto qualcosa, e io vengo!

Il deserto peggiore e la vita senza amici.

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