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St. Kitts- To Love Or Not To Love

Port Zante Photo, St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean

On my final stop on my cruise, I went to this island. Just like many of the Caribbean Islands, St. Kitts has its own style and flavor. I brought a tour to see most of this island.

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Shockingly, this island was not my favorite of all the Caribbean Islands, and for many reasons. For example, if you are a tree-hugger or a beach lover, prepare to be stunned. The beaches are filled with garbage. Apparently, the inhabitants of this island dump their trash just about everywhere like a landfill. Sadly, this appearance took away the beauty of this island. I felt like I was on an island that was slipping in poverty.

There are some bright sports; however. The volcanoes, for instance, are worth seeing. When I saw these volcanoes, I felt like these volcanoes were like sleeping giants that were ready to awaken at any moment. The rocky cliffs that clashed with the waters mad me felt the power of mother nature and appreciate what she has given me.

Even though this island is not my favorite, it is worth visiting. There are many spots that are breathtaking as you will see in my pictures. Thus, the only way to experience is to visit.

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