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One Beach Down, 364 More To Go

Let me that I have arrived!!! Photo, Antigua, Antigua and Barbuda

How many beaches can a person see on one island? The answer is 365. Antigua alone has 365 beautiful beaches: That is one beach per day in a year. ONE BEACH PER DAY. Each one completely different from the other.
My wife and I decided to do a shore excursion to visit one these sublime beaches. We had the very pleasure to visit the beach of Sandheaven.
The sun was crisp and soothing. The crystal-clear water was cool and refreshing. Waves crashing towards the beaches like a hard-hit tackle in a football game.
I had a welcoming French-speaking tour guide. This lady excited me because of the fact she spoke French: I wanted to see how skilled my French was. I thought of all the many hours of French classes I took since I was in middle school just to lead me to THIS moment. However, I was too nervous to eek a lick of French until I said "merci" to her after she told me where the bathroom was.
In order to recover from my failed attempt to talk French, I decided to get a delicious, fruity rum punch. This drink was a bit strong in the alcohol department, yet I managed to drink it all down. Très bien.
With my alcoholic drink in my system, I went walking on the beach with the cool, white sands caressing my feet until I noticed the atmosphere. The atmosphere fun and relaxing, with everyone laughing and enjoying themselves, but this was not to last. It started to rain; however, it was funny because everyone was packing up like the rain was the plage.
Now that I have knocked out one beach on this island, I have 364 more beaches to go. As the title say, "One beach down, 364 more to go."

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