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Maui Sunset Photo, Maui, Hawaii

When I told friends that my husband and I are returning to Maui for the fifth time they asked what draws us back there. The answer is simple. First are the sunsets, which are gorgeous. Second is the scenery, which is varied from exotic to desolate. Third is the great food. Maui has terrific food. In local slang we say they have ono grinds (the best food). The range is fast food to lunch wagons to plate lunch to elegant cuisine. We travel on a budget, which means we fix two meals a day in our condo/timeshare and usually eat out for the noon meal. Many restaurants offer lighter and less expensive versions of their menu at the mid-day meal. This trip we stayed 15 days and that meant we could return to some favorite places for multiple visits. Our foodie experience started minutes after renting our car near the airport. First official stop of the trip was at the Krispy Kreme on Hwy 380 in Kahului. This is the only Krispy Kreme on the islands and we laugh to see the number of their boxes going on board the airplanes as carry-on luggage. We also love to prowl the aisles in the grocery stores. Yes, there is sticker shock when you compare the prices with your hometown grocery. However, taking a sightseeing trip to Foodland, Super Value or the big ABC markets can introduce you to new foodie experiences. Check out the produce, bakery, and snack aisles and you will find many new treats to try. And don’t forget to buy Spam. Hawaiians put it on the menus in restaurants. You can grill a slice with pineapple for a great breakfast in your condo. Yummy!

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