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Best of the Beef - Vegas Steaks

Delmonico Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada

I consider myself a connoisseur of steak. It’s one of my favorite meals, and it’s one of the things I treat myself to whenever I go to Las Vegas. Come on, Vegas is a foodie paradise, so how can you possibly not get a gourmet steak by a celebrity chef while you’re there?

Each trip, I’ve splurged on a steak dinner, and I now offer up my recommendations for the best places for the best beef.

Best Steak #1: Prime, at the Bellagio – I don’t know if it’s because it was my first trip to Las Vegas, if it was because I was celebrating a birthday or if it’s because the food was just that good, but Prime is my #1 choice for best steak in Las Vegas. The restaurant has a brown and blue décor, you can get a table that looks out onto the dancing fountains, and last but not least, the steak is awesome! My filet mignon took a while to prepare, because they wanted to do it right, but it was worth the wait. Probably the best tasting meat I’d ever had, along with the best tasting sauces – it came with four to try. The only reason I haven’t been back is because there are so many places to try, but it would get my hearty recommendation to any first timers who can spare $50 for a good steak.

Best Steak #1.5: Delmonico, at the Venetian – When you’ve got so many great restaurants to chose from, it’s often hard to select the best of the best. I’ve eaten at Delmonico twice. The first time, chef Emeril Lagasse’s steak house was perfect. The second time, the meal wasn’t perfect at first, but they made it perfect on the second try. Emeril is one of my favorite chefs, with a southern flair for cooking that makes me feel at home. The steak was melt-in-your-mouth, and the sides were almost as good as the main course. I could order just side dishes and eat like a queen for a week. The décor is like a wonderful bistro, and I just like the atmosphere here. Only slightly less expensive than Prime, it’s still a splurge for your wallet, but also your taste buds.

Best Steak #2: Cut, at the Palazzo – The only reason that Cut came in at #2 is the price. If it was on taste alone, it would give Prime a run for its money. If you like steak, you’ll love Cut. It’s modern décor isn’t overwhelming, the wait staff takes really good care of you, and you’ll find your eyes rolling out of your head when you taste the American Kobe filet mignon. Your eyes may also roll out of your head when you get the bill, but taste-for-dollar, it’s not that bad.

Pretty Good Steak The BOA Steakhouse in Caesar's Palace can cook a mean steak, just not as bad to the bone as Cut, Prime, or Delmonico. However, you'll think you're in a celebrity restaurant just from the price tag. If you want a really good steak, just not a really great one, BOA in the Forum Shops will be a good pick.

Best Burger: Burger Bar, Mandalay Bay – If you want a good burger, look no further than the Burger Bar. It’s likely one of the most inexpensive pieces of beef you’ll get in Las Vegas, unless you splurge on the $60 Kobe beef burger, adding expensive truffles and maybe a fleck of gold on top. There’s nearly always a line from 6 p.m. – on, so try it at lunch or in an off-hour. It’s a build-your-own experience. Chose the beef, chose the bun, chose the toppings, chose the sauce, choose the fries. There’s almost too much choice, but if you don’t like it, you can only blame yourself, because you picked it. However, I wouldn’t count on that happening.

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