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In The Jungle, The Mighty Rumbles

The City of Roseau Photo, Roseau, Dominica

When one looks at this island from a boat, you think as though you are going be robbed or injured by the inhabitants, or even worse, killed. However, don't be fooled when you step on this island. My wife and I took a tour to see this magnificent island- It was worth every penny.
While on the tour, my tour guide told me that a jaw-dropping crime rate of 3 percent happens every year. Let me tell you, just hearing that made this island that much more safe than what I had originally assumed.
The best chance of you being killed on this island is when you ride in a vehicle. The roads are not made well; in fact, you are more likely to drive on dirt roads the you are paved ones. The roads are very, and let me stress, VERY narrow. If you are not familiar in driving on this island, I would NOT recommend driving on this island, unless you love riding rolling coasters. When I went uphill to see more of the island, the driver of my tour would drive like a bat from hell. He was driving at least 70 miles per hour on mountains with roads that had no guard rails as well as hair-pin turns. I felt like I was in an Indiana Jones movie.
The best part of the tour is going to the see the rain forests of island. I would HIGHLY recommend to see these stunning and amazing rain forests. You get to see all kinds of exotic fruits grow as well as get to eat the freshest fruit ever. I got to eat a banana and, for the first time, sugarcane.
While in the rain forests, the tour stopped at the island's national park called Morne Trois Pitons- This national park is WORTH checking out. The tour took my group to the Emerald Pool, which had a beautiful and amazing waterfall pool. Let me tell you, once you step in the pool, you will feel as like a new person. The water is just right in temperature and is nice to jump into on a hot, humid day. I have never been in a natural pool that had a waterfall. When I went into this waterfall, I felt a renewed, energized spirt. I had a wonderful experience and one I shall not forget.
When I returned to my boat, I saw this beautiful rainbow that made me realize how exotic and wild it was. I hope to return to this island again someday to explore more of its wonders.

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