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The Grom Gelato Experience

Grom gelato Photo, Florence, Italy

While we were talking to the manager/owner of Dany House, we asked him about a gelato place which he would recommend for us to try. He pointed to the attraction spot of Duomo and told us that around that area was a great place to try. He forgot the name but said it was definitely a must-try.

So off we went after our trip to the Academia to see the Duomo. After we finished taking photos around the area, we went in search of that gelato place and found one named Grom.

We figured it was Grom that Lorenzo meant regarding great Italian gelato. The small corner shop was filled with people. Despite the cold weather, people seem to be enjoying their treat.

There were many variants available and different sizes to choose from. It was difficult choosing because I wanted to taste everything! I decided to take the four euro cup which will allow me four flavors. I asked the lady to put in the cup what she would recommend we should taste. And I'm glad I did that!

She piled peach and rum, pistachio, extra dark chocolate and nociolato in my cup. And woooow! She knows her stuff! Our group was just mmmmmm-ing at every bite/lick/whathaveyou of the gelato. It was absolutely delicious! Any flavor that I put in my mouth was just an explosion of flavor. But I was especially enthralled by the extra dark chocolate gelato. It was just a taste of heaven every time I put it in my mouth! Mmmmmm...

After we finished our cups, everyone left with a smile on our faces. It doesn't matter that the temperature was jsut 6 degrees centigrade and that it was raining outside. That delicious Grom gelato just warmed our hearts!

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