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Our Day at Coronado Island

Bird of Paradise Photo, San Diego, California

Jennifer wanted me to visit Coronado Island but I wasn’t sold on the idea. It had been raining the last few days and I didn’t want to walk the beach wet and cold. But the weather decided to turn around and our day turned out to be a warm and sunny wonder.

When you drive to Coronado Island from the mainland, you have to cross this huge bridge that is across the bay. Looking down you see these large cruise ships and naval ships as if they are small boats. You are so far up in elevation that when you approach the island you see the ocean ahead of you in large expanse, a very beautiful sight to behold.

Once on the island we drove through the picturesque neighborhoods enjoying the lovely and expensive homes. We decided to stop and walk along the beach at the Hotel Del Coronado so we parked along side the shopping area we would visit that afternoon. The hotel is marvelous in of itself. It is a 120 year old national landmark that has seen many a celebrity, a few royal members and countless others seeking its quality and beauty. There is even said to be a resident ghost of a young lady who checked into the hotel in 1892 but never checked out. The hotel is has lovely dark wood and original lighting and artwork.
We did a little window shopping in the shops downstairs from the hotel. I say window shopping because the prices were out of our ranges.

After our window shopping, we walked along the pier and beaches watching the children playing in the sand and just enjoying the quietness of the day. In the distance we could see cruise ships leaving port and oil rigs drilling for that precious oil.

The remaining of our day consisted of visiting the shops across the street from the Hotel Del Coronado. Just a lot of tourist shops with the same stuff. We did find an art shop that showed local artist’s paintings. Since Jennifer is also a painter, it was our favorite stop.

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