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Heavenly Santa Barbara

Beaches Photo, Santa Barbara, California

A hundred years ago, the movers and shakers in the motion picture business sought a sunny, exotic locale to establish themselves. They discovered Santa Barbara, California. That was where they chose to launch their industry. Thus the very first movie studio, "Flying A Films," was born. Now I’ve chosen to discover this glorious area, too.

Still a popular vacation spot for the stars, this "American Riviera" is a delight to visit at any time, with a pleasant year-round climate. What strikes the most about Santa Barbara is that it boasts an amazing blend of architectural styles. Its sunny climate lends itself to Spanish and other Mediterranean designs with stucco, wrought iron, and red roof tiles dotting the area. You will find some Moorish and Islamic forms mixed in as well. What’s great is that many of Santa Barbara hotels and homes for tourists reflect these influences, so without doing any sightseeing it’s still possible to feel Santa Barbara’s essence.

In central Europe, blue cloudless sky is something we don’t see that much at this time of year, so Santa Barbara’s climate made me feel simply wonderful and revitalized me for the rest of the year. As far as flora goes, I was surprised to learn this region produces the most orchids in the United States. The city also boasts a variety of fauna. In fact, the Santa Barbara Channel is one of the country's richest sources of seafood.

Being in Santa Barbara, however, and not mentioning its stunning beaches is probably like traveling to New York and not visiting the Empire State Building. Stretching along the Pacific coast, they truly beckon you to leave your troubles behind for days of blissful relaxation. One of my favorite things to do in Santa Barbara was simply gazing out at the sun glinting off the waves and the sails of boats dotting the water. Isn’t it the best life ever?

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