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Pyramids of Giza Photo, Cairo, Egypt

In February 2008, we journeyed to Egypt and had the opportunity to visit Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel and take a cruise down the Nile River. This land takes your breath away! I myself became teary eyed. For the thought I am standing in the mist of structures, lands, and monuments that were created and spoken of during biblical times. I thought to myself, I am touching a stone of the Pyramids Of Giza. The pyramids, that to this day- the world still wonders how such a thing was built. So many people want to make the journey I have just taken. Here I am, able to enjoy such a beautiful sight and take photos throughout the land.
We stayed in Egypt for a week. We were fully escorted throughout Egypt by personnel from NOGA tours. Which I must add was an exception to all the rules. They had the best prices ever! The prices booked through NOGA tours were so less expensive than any other tour and yet they did everything that the other tour companies charged hundreds of dollars more for. They were waiting for us at the airport as promised, they had our hotels booked, and our transportation and future air travel from Cairo to Luxor arranged. On day three we boarded our cruise ship for the next 3 nights. Our guides were very professional, well groomed, spoke English fluently, and translated whenever we needed something. The guides took us around Cairo, Luxor and Aswan. Even at the last minute we wanted to go to Abu Simbel and they made it happen. Our Abu Simbel excursion was even much cheaper than any other rate we were quoted while still planning the trip back in the United States.
Unlike most tour companies, we did not pay one cent until we arrived in Cairo. They did request all monies paid in full (USD) upon arrival at the hotel, yes, with some hesitation we wondered, but I read a previous review, they also stated being required the same thing. The review I read prior to my own travels also gave kudos to NOGA tours.
We traveled in February so the weather was quite cool. The transportation vehicle accommodated air condition and heat. Each vehicle had a driver and a guide. The only thing that was not included in our tour was one dinner on our arrival, any beverages outside of tea or water, and entrance fees into the monuments (which may have totaled $60 for the entire week.)
Like most tours, you leave a tip for the guide. This is where it was tricky because I did not do my research on tipping in this area prior to my travel and did not know what a "normal tip" was. Yep! We ended up over tipping, but the tip I gave I felt they deserved, so no harm there.
They recommended additional tours while there, like the Felucca ride to the banana islands and the hot air balloon ride in Luxor. I double agree on the hot air balloon ride. That was an absolute must to sail over Luxor and watch the sunrise from the sky! It was so peaceful up there. Then to look down at the Valleys of the Kings and Queen and the Colossus of Memnon, and some other monuments and temples we didn’t even get the chance to see. I could go on and on and on about our tour. I will recommend NOGA Tours to anyone. I plan to visit this country again. When I come back I will bring my children and we will book through NOGA Tours and maybe do a three day extension to the Red Sea. I was very impressed!

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