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Early Morning Moose Hunt - in Vain

Morning mists Photo, Maine, United States

Up early early early! Crack of dawn, here we come! I was up at a quarter to 5 to trek up to Moosehead Lake. I wanted to see a moose, and this was the best chance I had, so off we went.

Of course, we could have been driving right next to entire herds of moose and not known it for much of the trip up – the fog was thick, the pre-dawn light was dim, and the world was quiet in a shroud of cold white and grey.

We headed up the road to Greenville, a trip of about 1.5 hours. We saw chipmunks, rabbits, logging trucks, and moose tracks, but no moose. We saw bear crap (yum) and some incredibly beautiful spots, but no moose. The moose were definitely avoiding me, the fools. I would immortalize them, make them famous, put them on the cover of a book, but noooo – they had to be coy and play hard to get. Bah.

We drove up Sias Way and Golden Road, and I discovered what a truly bad road can do to your kidneys. There were craters in this road larger than some swimming pools. It made me truly wish I was an A cup, the rattling and bouncing was so painful. However, we found ourselves exploring up logging roads, seeing crystalline lakes and verdant mountains around us, it was worth it.

We went to an area called Lake Caribou, drove past Mount Ketahdin (tallest mountain in Maine) and along the Penobscot River. There were lots of vacationers kayaking, fishing, camping, and just hanging out. The views were impressive, though the clouds kept threatening us with occasional showers. We then discovered that breakfast was a long time ago, and our blood sugar needed an injection of food – so we were thrilled to find a campground with a small refectory. The shop was called "Pray’s", and I saw several of these around Maine. A sweet old lady (who rather resembled the moose we were so futilely searching for) apologized for having to charge so much for beef jerky. We found a nice place to watch the river rafter’s race down the river, and then found ourselves in Bangor again for lunch. We were tired and beat up from our rides down the logging roads, so we stopped at a safe place for lunch – Wendy’s. Having tried to find another of Jason’s long-ago haunts, Pizza Dome, we found an empty building instead. We drove home after lunch and took a much needed nap before dinner.

The whole family headed to a seafood restaurant in Newport for dinner, called Angler’s. This must be a popular place, as it was quite crowded, but their food was delicious. We had my sister-in-law’s daughters with us as well, and the youngest, Charity, ordered smelts. She calls them ‘the bony things’, and loved them (she’s 8, I think). I had fried oysters and clams, and great clam chowder. The bread pudding, however, left much to be desired – it was more like unsweetened bread mush.

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