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Deer and Bridges

Deer Photo, Maine, United States

This morning we broke our fast at a northern US fixture, Tim Horton’s. They need one of these in Gainesville, seriously! Great bagels, divine iced cappuccino (and I normally don’t like coffee), donuts, breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, good old-fashioned recipes. Evidently Wendy’s owns a stake in the company, but the farthest south they have come so far is Kentucky… so I must be patient.

Jason’s laptop decided to make our vacation all the better by dying on us this morning, so we took a trek into Bangor to bring it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Since we were on vacation, we didn’t have our Windows disks with us, and Geek Squad said they would need them to reinstall anything. I think this is rather ridiculous – certified repair places should be allowed to purchase some generic repair disk to allow for this sort of thing. After all, laptops are DESIGNED to be mobile – you won’t be at home with them all the time, on purpose. So when it breaks down, you should be able to take it into a reliable repair shop, to be fixed. Right? Wrong. They have nothing to fix it if you don’t happen to have your disks with you, since they are all registered. Geek Squad said it would be 4 days until they could diagnose it – we said we would be leaving for Canada in less than that. We started to leave, they said they’d push it up as much as they could (right).

We drove over to Orono to the University of Maine to let off some steam. This is where my husband attended college, and he showed me the campus, where his dorm was, etc. It was rather deserted for the summer months, and reminded me of some apocalyptic movie scene. Zombies were expected shortly – or perhaps werewolves, as there were plenty of forests around. We went to one of his old dining places, Governor’s, for lunch. The shrimp roll I had was just OK, but the peanut butter/chocolate pie was grand.

We headed home for a rest – it had been quite stressful contemplating the certain death of the beloved laptop, lifeline to his school, games, and life. Jason spied some wild turkeys foraging in the garden, so I went out to try to take some pictures. Then we found the deer grazing in my father-in-law’s ‘deer marijuana’ field – a field of clover and chicory, and other good things deer like to feed on. There were four hanging out for a late lunch, munching away and giving us dirty looks as I snapped away with my camera.

We took a bit of a road trip up through Corinna, Dexter, and to Dover-Foxtrot. On the way we chose a dirt road to drive down to do some exploring, and ended up looking at an incredible scenic vista laid out before us – we could see for miles over the hills. This was late afternoon, so the sun shone golden on the green hills and trees, the battered barns and paint peeled farmhouses. It was truly an awe-inspiring sight. We found out later that my in-laws had considered buying property up on that very hill.

Just beyond is the Guilford covered bridge, a bridge still drivable (though it made me quite nervous doing so). The sun was beginning to set, so I got some wonderful photos of the sun shining on the flowing river below, rapids and stones dancing to the evening breeze.

We visited Lake Wausekeag on the way back down, and had a beautifully serene view of purpling clouds over a calm lake, some silhouettes of branches and trees framing the vision. It was getting quite cool out, but we explored some of the back roads around the camping areas, and then went home for an evening meal of leftovers from the wonderful repast from the night before.

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