Tirukalukundram Stories and Tips

A Temple that Gives Solace

One of the old temples in Tamil Nadu, Thirukulakundram (near Chengulpet-16 Kms) is a wonderful temple where the presiding dieties are Lord Bhaktavatsaleshwarar and Godess Thirupurasundari.
The temple, unlike most of the other temples does not have 'pestering' priests and over zealous travel guides. The prisets explain the stala puranam and offer the prayers in a professional manner.
The goddess is known to cure many illness and has a very enchanting form and presence.
Since the Goddess is supposed to have come on her own (swayambhu) in mud (not rock), abhishekam is performed only thrice in a year.
The temple praharam is huge and has four big gopurams, each facing N,E,S and W directions.
Nearby, on a hillock is the temple of Lord Vedagirishwarar. There are 565 steps that lead to the temple and the way up is real steep! It will take a really healthy person or a devout person to climb up to the top. You can take your camera at a nominal charge of Rs 10 and you can get stunning pictures of the temple below, along with the temple 'kulam' called 'Sangu Theertham' (because, the pond is supposed to be generating sangu or counch every 12 years- the only place where a shell is generated from a fresh water source rather than sea water). The Lord on top also looks very serene and you will not forget the journey up.
The town itself is small and bustling with life. The major source of income appears to be the tourists who come to the temples.
History has it that two rishis used to come to the hillock temple every afternoon to partake the prasadam in the form of 'eagles or kalugu' in tamil and hence the name 'thirukalukundram'.
The eagles were last sighted in 2000 and have not made an appearance since then.
The temple closes completely by 1300 hrs and reopens by 1600 hrs everyday.

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