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The Mandatory Place for Us to Be in January

The garden of our rental house Photo, La Paloma, Uruguay

Every year, January 16th, my family and friends have an appointment: we prepare the mate (typical Uruguayan beverage and something that we cannot live without), buy some bizcochos (pastries), fill the gas tank and officially inaugurate the beginning of our holiday.

The journey usually takes three hours and we arrive to La Paloma at around 9am. We leave our luggage, prepare the mate again and go for our first walk of the year on the beach.

Last year was a particularly special holiday because most of our friends managed to go. We rented the same house as previous years, which at this point is kind of our second home. Although there are many hotels in La Paloma, the most required accommodation are rental houses. Price ranges vary a lot, depending on the zone, the distance to the beach, etc. A house close to the beach for 4-5 people cost around US$ 80 per day. "Our house" is located in Costa Azul and it is only one block from the beach.

Although La Paloma is a small town, we always find something to do. Everyday we get up early, have breakfast under the trees while we listen to the ocean sounds, and go to the beach. Barbecuing is mandatory, not everyday but most days! Then nap time and in the afternoon we go to the beach until sunset. Sunsets: another chapter. La Balconada is the place to go. It is said that the most beautiful sunsets are enjoyed there, and when the sun disappears in the ocean, the enthusiastic audience starts to clap.

There are some interesting options for those who enjoy going out at night, from art and craft fairs, to cinema, restaurants, pubs, and three or four discos that are the centre of attention for young people. A couple of years ago, all the discos that were located in La Pedrera (another seaside in Rocha) moved to La Paloma, changing most young people’s destination for their holidays. People start going to the discos at around 4am and leave the place at around 11am or even later, especially during the first two weeks of January.

I highly recommend this beach, both for families and young people who want the beauty of the beaches and a place with interesting options to have fun after the sunset.

Fortunately, I have already booked the house and in a couple of months I will be under the gentle sun of La Paloma.

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