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Mother Armenia - Watching over Yerevan

Mother Armenia, Yerevan Photo, Yerevan, Armenia

Mother Armenia is a giant statue that watches over the city from Victory Park; basically she is the female personification of Armenia. In Armenian the statue is known as "Mayr Hayastan". In it's place used to be a stature of Stalin, but, for obvious reasons it was removed and replaced with this statue 1967.

The statue was designed by Ara Harutyunyan depicts Mother Armenia holding a sword; this is said to reflect the high standing of the matriarch figure in Armenian families and also to commemorate some of the notable women who have taken up arms in clashes with Turkish troops.

An architect, Raphael Israelian, designed the pedestal that the statue stands on. This was designed to resemble and Armenian church (from the inside).

Sadly, it is virtually impossible to get Armenia's matriarch into a single frame such is her height and the size of the plaza she sits on.

The easiest way to get to Victory Park is to climb the steps or take the escalators in the Cascades Monument in the centre of town which will take you within a five minute walk of the statue.
Underneath her pedestal the museum of the Ministry of Defence - a small exhibition dedicated to the war in Nagorno Karabakh, the breakaway region of southern Armenia where there was terrible bloodshed in the eighties and nineties. It is almost entirely captioned in Armenian or Russian but it is still moving and the photographs manage to convey much.

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