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Andrew Jackson Was Here

Andrew Jackson's Headquarters III Photo, Pensacola, Florida

Andrew Jackson (1767-1845) was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, a heroic general that saved New Orleans during the War of 1812, and eventually became the 7th President of the United States. But many people don't know that Andrew Jackson led an invasion of Florida in 1819 in order to wrest the territory away from Spain who had controlled Florida for most of the 250 years Pensacola had been in existence. Jackson established his headquarters in Pensacola and today, many of the buildings he worked or lived in have been destroyed or its ruins were buried six-feet under.

On Church Street across the street from the Pensacola Historical Society lies the ruins of what was Andrew Jackson's Headquarters. Right now just the basement and part of the foundation can be seen in a fenced-off area, but plans are underway to renovate the place into its early 19th Century glory. It was in this building that General Jackson conducted military business in regards to taking Florida away from the Spanish and when Spain finally surrendered Florida to the USA, the papers officially making Florida part of the USA were signed here.

Andrew Jackson had many properties throughout Pensacola and one of his homes was located on Palafox Street but was destroyed by fire. Eventually Abbott's, a clothing store, was built in its place, and its 1950's architecture is a dominant part of Pensacola's history and culture today.

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