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Virgin Gorda Beaches and Snorkeling

Devil's Bay- at the end of the Baths Trail Photo, U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean

Spring Bay
When we arrived our room was not ready. So we changed and headed out to Spring Bay for LD’s picnic. I thought this beach was gorgeous! Again, I love the exotic feel that the boulders seem to give it. I also think this beach is prettier than the Baths. LD had umbrellas set up as well as a beach barbeque, steel drummers, and limbo. The barbeque lunch was very tasty. We enjoyed exploring the boulders here and getting in some swimming. We didn’t snorkel here because the water was pretty wavy.

Little Dix Bay Beach
We spent some time here in the afternoon of our arrival day, hoping to get in a little snorkeling. But the water was a little churned up on the left side of the beach where I heard there was some good snorkeling, so there wasn’t much to see. Even though the water was calmer in the middle of the bay, it was mostly sea grass and we didn’t see anything of much interest. We mostly lounged on the floats, and my husband did some kayaking.

Mountain Trunk
We took an afternoon beach drop here. It was just a few bays over from Little Dix Bay. When we arrived, there were only about 5 or 6 other people on the beach. The beach is wide, but not one of the prettiest on the island. It has a bit darker sand than most of the others. But we weren’t really there for the beach anyway—we were there for the snorkeling. The snorkeling was fantastic! I thought it was much better than anything we had seen on St. John this year, and even what we saw last year at Peter Island, St. John, The Indians and Caves. We snorkeled the left side of the beach near the rocks. It was nice because there was a lot of reef to explore, it was pretty easy to get to, and there was so much underwater life. Lots of coral and fish. I was very impressed.

The Baths
Even though we had visited the Baths before, I wanted to come to get some photos. We arrived before 9 am by taxi, and were the only people there, until about a half hour later when a few people arrived on a dinghy. We decided to go through the trail again. We did not see a soul until we got to Devil’s Bay. We spent some time swimming and snorkeling at Devil’s Bay. It was nice, but I couldn’t get as far as I would have liked, since we didn’t bring our flippers with us through the trail. You have to do some climbing and ducking, so carrying the flippers would have been annoying. We just had the mask, snorkel and camera. Unfortunately, I guess we spent a little too much time on Devil’s Bay, because as we made our way back through the trail there were about 200 cruise ship passengers going the other way. We had to do a lot of waiting for this huge trail of people and that was no fun! When we got back to the main beach we did some snorkeling. We saw a bit, but it definitely did not compare to Mountain Trunk.

George Dog
We took an afternoon beach drop to George Dog, a small island probably about a 10-15 minute boat ride from Little Dix. It had a small beach, which was almost like a sandbar—with water on both sides, and land on the other two sides. The snorkeling here was absolutely spectacular—the best I have ever seen. The reef is very shallow (in some places too shallow, so it can be tough to navigate your way back to the beach). It’s also extremely close to shore, so it was a very easy swim to get to it. The fish, coral, sea fans, etc were fantastic. It’s a pretty large reef too, so we did not even see a quarter of it in our 2 hours of snorkeling. It’s also probably the healthiest reef I have seen. I can’t wait to go back here!

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