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St John Restaurants

View from Asolare Photo, U.S. Virgin Islands, Caribbean

It seems like all the restaurants were more expensive than last year. It could just be that since we were on our honeymoon last year, we weren’t paying as much attention to what things cost because we were going all out. We ended up spending a lot more on food than we planned. We were also surprised at how early restaurants stop serving food. I didn’t remember having this problem last year (but maybe we just always went to dinner early- I can’t remember!). Generally we would go to dinner around 7 pm. But one night we didn’t make it out until 8:30-9 pm, and we had to try 3 restaurants for us to find one that was still serving food! Also, my husband really wanted to visit Uncle Joe’s Barbeque on this trip, but both times we tried they were closed.

Café Roma-I really enjoyed the chicken parmesan here. My husband had seafood manicotti and liked it as well. I had a strawberry daiquiri that wasn’t so great here though.

Caneel Bay Beach Bar- This lunch was very overpriced. A $18 hamburger! It was good, but not that good. My husband had wings and liked them, but again I thought they were too expensive.

Simple Feast- we had some good sandwiches here for lunch one day. One of our less expensive meals on the trip.

Paradiso- The night we went they were having special—like a neverending pasta bowl. You could order a pasta entrée and then try another one. When we got there my husband was excited about that. They also had really good bread and a great appetizer (though really small for the price) of mozzarella fritta. I had lasagna and it was great. It was too much for me though so I didn’t order a second pasta. My husband had seafood pasta and really enjoyed it. Even he had too much to get a second order. The portions were quite large.

Asolare- This was very convenient since it’s next door to Estate Lindholm. This was our most expensive dinner on the island. The view of the sunset was nice, but it was really cloudy that day, so it didn’t make for a beautiful one. We really enjoyed our calamari appetizer. I had the filet mignon, and it was good, but nothing special. My husband had a soup (can’t remember what kind) that he enjoyed and he was thought that the lamb was great. I personally thought it wasn’t worth, because my steak just wasn’t anything special. We did have crème brulee for dessert and it was very good. But I guess you’re also paying for the ambience and view.

Baked in the Sun-- We took sandwiches from here with us on our snorkel sail for lunch. They were great! I had a turkey croissant and it was delicious. My husband said his tuna salad was the best he had ever had.

Margarita Phil’s- My husband was annoyed that they would not serve tap water here. He got it at every other restaurant we visited on St. John and it was fine. But at Margarita Phil’s you had to buy bottled water. He drinks a lot of water, so getting bottles can get expensive. I had great chicken quesadillas here. My husband had conch and shrimp fajitas. He said they were good, but nothing special.

The Balcony- I had a great burger here and my husband had a great chicken anq brie sandwich for lunch one day. This place also had delicious homemade potato chips.

Morgan’s Mango-My husband really wanted to try this place. There wasn’t much on the menu that I liked (I’m not much of a seafood eater), but I figured I would give it a try. I decided to go with the filet of beef—and it was just awful. I ordered it medium well and on the outside it was cooked, but the inside was at best medium rare. I sent it back and they tried again, but it was just completely burnt on the outside and still uncooked on the inside. We ended up not paying for that entrée—and I wasn’t the only person that returned the filet that night. I do have to say that the mashed potatoes were delicious, as were their frozen drinks. Instead of ordering another entrée I got keylime pie. It was good but nothing special. My husband had conch fritters which he really liked and a steak salad which was also good.

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