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Boat Trip from St. John

Boat Rented from Ocean Runners Photo, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Boat Trip- We rented a 25 ft cuddy w/ captain from Ocean Runners. This was an expensive day, but also the most fun day of the entire honeymoon! Our captain’s name was Joel and I highly recommend him. He was very knowledgeable about the island and it’s history, gave us great snorkeling tips and handled the boat perfectly (he also was easy on the eyes!). We started off with a snorkel at Waterlemon Cay—this I think was the best snorkeling of the entire trip. It was gorgeous, vibrant colors everywhere. I saw turtles, huge starfish, barracuda, and a flounder looking fish (beige and brown). I had seen one of these before in Cozumel, burrowed in the sand, but this one was swimming and it was cool watching it swimming in the water, it looked so graceful. (though I have a feeling he isn’t a flounder). We then went to clear customs in Tortola and headed out to Norman Island to snorkel at the Caves. Unfortunately a large boat beat us to it. We tried snorkeling into one of the caves, but people kept swimming into me, so I decided to get out of there. There was lots of coral and fish around there though and it was beautiful. We then headed over to the Indians. There were only two other people snorkeling there, so we liked that. I thought there were much more fish and coral here than in Norman. Saw a huge houndfish and some moon jellies (which still scared me, even though I hear they don’t usually sting, I still tried to avoid them). It was lunchtime, so we headed over to the Jost and had lunch at Foxy’s. He was there singing, so that was a lot of fun. Then went to the Soggy Dollar—that beach is gorgeous! We were about to head over to Sandy Cay and Sandy Spit when a squall came up. So we took cover at Sydney’s Peace and Love. We must have had good timing—right as we entered the bar it started pouring. This place is known to have great lobster and my husband would have enjoyed that, but they make everything to order and it takes a LONG time, so we just had some drinks. Joel said that guests make their own drinks here and hopped behind the bar to make ours. I have never been to a bar like that! After enjoying the drinks the rain finally stopped and we were off. First we stopped by Sandy Cay, its so pretty. But then you get to Sandy Spit and I thought it was gorgeous. I wouldn’t mind being stranded there, well maybe only for a few hours. We then headed over to Lavongo and Congo Cay for more snorkeling. But the visibility wasn’t very good probably because of what the squall earlier that day had kicked up. We then headed back to St. John for one last snorkel stop at Henley Cay. It used to be Caneel’s honeymoon suite until the park took it back—I think that would be a great place to honeymoon! He said he doesn’t always bring people here, because it depends on the current. The snorkeling here was great because there were so many different types of coral to see and tons of fish. I just can’t say enough good things about Joel and Ocean Runners. It was so nice to have the boat to ourselves and go to all the places we wanted, plus some great suggestions from the captain when we had some extra time.

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