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Day Trip to Virgin Gorda

Little Dix Bay Beach Photo, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean

This was another highlight. The trip is $40 per person and we took the PI ferry to the island. I think there were about 8 other couples on the trip with us. When we got to the ferry dock we took a taxi to the baths. The taxi dropped us off at the top of the baths. We then headed down a little trail to the baths. The beach there was beautiful and the boulders made it really interesting. It was really uncrowded, which is very unusual, so I was very happy about this. There was good snorkeling there with more coral and fish than I expected. Even though there were some pretty large waves, the visibility was good. Much better than what we experienced at PI. We took the "cave" trail through the boulders. It was a little adventure, but so worth it when we finally made it to Devil’s Bay. This was probably the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. There was noone on the beach when we got there! The snorkeling here was pretty good, but mostly smaller fish. We didn’t bring our fins with us though, so we didn’t swim too far out. We then took a taxi tour of the island and saw some nice views, and ended the tour with a stop at Little Dix. They had great mixed drinks at their beach bar. Their beach was very pretty, but I think Peter Island’s beach was nicer.

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