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Around the Cabot Trail

Creepy! Photo, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

We weren't lucky with the whale watching cruise so we took a little time and drove back to Joe's Scarecrow Village (see separate review). What an amazing and quirky attraction! Kind of creepy too. The one that really made the hair on my neck stand up was the one with the alien mask. The face with the over-sized open mouthed smile was unsettling as well. Definitely worth a stop if you are going by there anyway.

We bought sandwiches at Tim Horton's to have for our lunch later and hit the trail. Another clear blue sky today! We're a couple of weeks too early to see the changing fall colours, unfortunately. There's a charge for entering the Cape Breton Highlands National Park that encompases the Cabot Trail but it's not that much and there are family/group rates if you've got a car full. We paid our dues and got a good map of just the park routes, lookoff spots, attractions and hiking trails which we found useful.

The scenery was truly jaw dropping!! The road was at times twisty but almost always in decent condition. there were a couple of spots where the shoulder was narrow or the road at the shoulder was a bit rough but mainly it was in decent shape unless you went off the Trail.

We made stopped at some lookoff points, a couple of gift shops, a cafe, and went off the main route to see a couple of little fishing villages, Bay St. Lawrence at the northern tip of Cape Breton and Neil's Harbour where there is a lighthouse on a very windy hill. We had our sandwiches in the car there as it was far too windy to sit at a picnic table and had a coffee at the little cafe beside the lighthouse. Places we could have stopped but decided against this time were the Lone Sheiling (a replica of a Scottish crofter's cottage) and the Giant MacAskill museum. Apparently we went right by it but the signage is pretty bad.

We ended the day in Baddeck, a pretty town on the water, on the Bras D'or lakes. There's a lighthouse here too (how many did we see? I lost count!) Our bed and breakfast is just up from the main and only intersection by the visitor information centre. We got checked in then went out to walk around the village, down by the waterfront and up main street. Not much open past 5 o'clock on a Saturday! We did stop into the library and signed up to use the public internet computers but barely got logged in when the library closed! Fail!

Where to go for our dinner? We asked the landlady at the B&B and she'd recommended a couple of places. One was in a hotel and was too full and too posh for our casual attire. The one we chose was called Yellow Cello. Food was good but we didn't have very good luck with the service. The young man didn't seem to be very experienced.

The B&B was quiet, didn't have a television so we occupied our evening with games of cards and checking out the jacuzzi tub!

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