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Exploring from St. George's - Day 2

Fairmont Beach club Photo, Bermuda, North America

Exploring from St. George’s – Day 2

Since today is a full day in port, there’s time to explore further – After an early breakfast and a quick internet check - we’re heading out to Hamilton for a bit of shopping and then on to the South Shore Beaches via bus…….the most economical way to do this on your own.
We are using our "15 ticket – 3 zone" transportation tickets that we bought yesterday at the Post Office for $20 – these can be share, never expire and can be used on all busses and ferries. If you travel more than 3 zones, you must give them 2 tickets.
Again from St. George’s, we can take the #1,3,10 or 11 bus to Hamilton Bus Deport– last stop – about 40 minutes. If you want to shop, I think it’s best before getting messy from the beach – Many shops will hold your merchandise if you want to pick it up on the way home. We’re not "shoppers" so 45 minutes to an hour is enough time for us in Hamilton. We head back to the Bus Depot to board bus #7 – this bus runs along the South Shore, past all the beaches – and many of the trips go all the way to the Dockyard. Once on this bus you have many choices as far as beaches to visit.
First is Elbow Beach – a bit of a walk from the Bus Stop and some of it uphill, but this is the site of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel……you can get lunch, drinks, chairs and umbrellas – at a price of course – but it will be a lovely afternoon. For the fit and young at heart who like a challenge – get off the bus at Warwick Long Bay – walk down the hill along the path to a beautiful cove – at times, the public bathrooms may be locked. Have a swim, a little shade is provided by the trees and rocky outcropping – from here you can walk along the shore to your right – water on the left. Sometimes on the beach, over rocks and along trails all the way to Horseshoe Bay. Jobson’s Cove is lovely…..but the word has gotten out….So you may not have it to yourselves. Good snorkeling there too, by the rocks.
Horseshoe Bay….Oh My!!!!.. Beautiful long sandy beach – It has become very commercial and very busy when cruise ships are in. You can rent chairs, umbrella, order lunch, drinks, shower, toilets – even a pay per ride shuttle to the street at the top of the hill to catch the bus back to Hamilton. All is here……but you pay – both with money and lack of privacy.
Adjoining Horsehoe Bay is a private beach club that belongs to Fairmont – Just below the Fairmont Southampton Resort. If you are discreet, you may be able to gain access on a quiet day…..There is a restaurant, bar, small shop and a dive shop. We did notice people coming from outside to go on snorkeling and diving cruises. I don’t know if you can pay for drinks and food or if they only accept charges to the hotel. That may be a problem. We were guests at the hotel when we spent our days there.
The next possible stop is "The Reefs" resort – They have a restaurant/bar on the beach and visitors are welcomed. Lovely spot – small beach – quiet. And a few minutes more on your bikes and you come to Church Bay. The snorkeling here is probably the best if you swim out to the large rock a few hundred feet from shore.
If you care to read about Day 1 in Bermuda you can go to my other Bermuda journal.

There are lots of choices for beaches in Bermuda and when on a cruise you don’t have to worry about the time because you are generally there for three full days.

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