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Big Fish Equals Big Fun!

The Fish Photo, Warren, Pennsylvania

The best part about going to Kinzua is going to the docks and feeding the HUGE carp right off the docks. These fish are so tame and friendly, but be prepared once they know you have food, you will have hundreds of them surrounding and splashing you! They will take the food right out of your hand. There are usually so many fish that the ducks can walk on top of them. This is the one thing my kids beg to do when they know we are heading up this way. Also, if you are planning on feeding the fish, they eat anything! You can buy little baggies of food at the little store there or bring your own. But be warned you're gonna want a lot! We usually stop at Wal-Mart and buy a cheap 5 lb. bag of dog food. They love it. If you have kids this is something they will really love. And once your done feeding the fish you can go and explore some of the hiking trails, go to the beach or eat at Dock Siders restaurant. The food is good and prices are average.

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