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What a Day!

San Francisco Photo, San Francisco, California

"Wanna fly somewhere on Saturday since dad's going to be gone?" A little hesitantly, my son asked, "Like where?" "How about San Francisco? We can go to Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square for a hot fudge sundae," I answered. The next morning we boarded an 8am flight bound for the Golden Gate, San Francisco!

Once at the San Francisco airport, we followed the signs to the BART trains. Having done my homework before we left, I knew we could ride to the Embarcadero Station, then take a trolley on the F Line to Fisherman's Wharf. After purchasing round-trip tickets for 2 ($10 each) at the kiosk (debit cards are accepted as well as cash), we boarded the yellow line, ultimate destination, Pittsburg/Bay Point.

At the Embarcadero Station, we just went up to street level, crossed the street and waited for the trolley at the corner stop. $3.00 per person, correct change only, got us a round-trip to Pier 39 and back. By the time we arrived at the Pier, having made several stops along the way, the trolley was packed; standing room only.

After a fabulous bread bowl of clam chowder and a walk around Pier 39, we walked over to Ghirardelli Square, stopping for a look through the Boudin Sourdough Bakery at Jefferson & Taylor Streets on the way.

The F Line terminates at the corner of Beach and Jones street, 3 blocks from Ghirardelli Square. After our hot fudge sundaes at the end of the day, we just walked those short blocks to catch the F Line back to Embarcadero, rode BART back to the airport and boarded a 5pm flight home.

I work for an airline so our flights were free, but still, it seemed so decadent! It was a great day spent with my teenage son. He must have enjoyed it too because all of his friends knew about it and even their parents called me to ask about our day in San Francisco!

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