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X Marks the Spot

Hamilton is a small town nestled among the northern Alabama hills that is charming and serene. I had never traveled to northern Alabama before, so I did like any person who had no idea where they're going: look on Mapquest. Both my mother and I printed out directions for the Econo Lodge, and found two totally different directions!

So, from the Northshore of Lake Pontchartrain, we began on I-59 heading toward Hattiesburg. Took an exit leading toward Macon, which is spelled out in a hedge by this industrial plant. Down the long, hilly roads, we saw grass, trees, and very few cars. I believe we were heading toward Columbus in the northeast corner of Missisippi looking for Military Road, or MS-12. We found MS-12 or Military Road with a fork in the road. After taking a left and driving up and down the hills, we thought we were lost. So, we stopped at an isolated gas station and a lonely country home and found out we were on the right path. MS-12 turns into Alabama 18 interstate. There will be a sign that tells you when you crossed the Mississippi/Alabama state line. The directions then said to look for Mc Gill Gin Road, which we never found.

After many miles and hours of traveling, we continued our path down Alabama 18 and found the cities of Vernon, Crossville, Fayette, and Bankston. No Hamilton. No Mc Gill Gin Road. By this time we were close to Tuscaloosa, and knew that we were really lost. Tuscaloosa is southeast from Hamilton. The best way to find your error is to retrace your steps, so we drove back to I-43 and found Fayette. The man at Mc Donald's was nice enough to point us in the right direction.

Once again, we were on the right path and didn't know it. By driving up I-43 where the Mc Donald's was located, we would find a city named Winfield. From Winfield, we turned left at the Movie Theater, which was on the left side of the street and multi-colored. Winfield would take us into Gu-Win (or Guin). I think we took a right at Guin before we traveled to the outskirts of the city with a fork in the road.

Finally, after eleven hours, we found Hamilton!

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